Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby B at 8 Weeks

Here's an updated pictures as of my ultrasound 2 weeks ago. I much prefer this ultrasound to the last one - a lot less reptilian!

Baby is growing nicely, heartbeat was loud and strong.

And then, the fun part. Full physical, health history of my entire family, giving me a list of about a thousand things I need to get blood tests for... Fun! Picking out which screening tests we wanted to do was a bit interesting. Of course we're going to keep the baby no matter what, but how in depth do we want to go in finding out about chromosomal issues such as Downs syndrome, Trisomy 18, etc.? We decided to just do the blood tests for now. If they raise any red flags, then we can do ultrasounds and anything else further that we need to do.

This is the last peek at Baby B that we'll get until Week 20 when we find out the sex (no surprise for us, neither of us has the patience for that!) so I'm sure he/she will be looking lots more like a little person at that point. Can't wait!

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